Recent Activities

It was a very quiet summer for Silver Liners Dance Association. With so many of our members taking wonderful vacations to Iceland, England, and other exotic locations, classes continued with a skeleton crew, and things were low-key.

In August, Silver Liners danced at National Night Out, which is always favorite of the members, with the exception of the heat.

Many members once again attended the Virginia Line Dance Festival, which is a local 3-day event that is coordinated by one of our members, Olivia Ray. It is always a favorite among our members, as well as about 400 other people. The event is attended by people from all over the country, as well as other countries.  It’s always nice to see dancers we haven’t seen since last year, and share the floor with so many friends.

Every year, our members wear some crazy head gear to the event, so it’s obvious we are a fun group. This year, Silver Liners were dancing angels (cough, cough), complete with light-up halos. One thing is for certain, our members know how to have a good time!